Because love is the oasis in the middle of it all.

Hi, there!
  • Hi, there!

It’s me, Shannon, the fun loving lady behind the camera here at Shannon Grant Photography!

When I’m not capturing beautiful love stories, I’m most likely lost in a forest somewhere, admiring ferns, and taking deep breaths of that cleansing air. I live to make memories with my husband and teenage son and am a not so closeted hopeless romantic. Just an optimistic gal in pursuit of the simple life and grateful for the opportunity to live this life with a camera in hand!

Being a photographer for the past decade, I’ve seen trends come and go and one thing is certain: Your images should feel timeless years down the line. This is why I’m a digital and film photographer. Not only will your images bring you back to joyful memories, but they’ll have beautiful colors, and ethereal lighting. It’s like real life but prettier!

I’ve been told that I make people feel at ease and I always encourage belly laughter (even if it’s at my expense)! Taking ourselves too seriously is the quickest route to a boring life, don’t ya think? Getting to know you before your wedding day allows us to become friends; which results in dynamic and engaging images. You’ll feel relaxed, safe, and ready to connect with each other comfortably in front of the camera! This gets those lovely, natural expressions that truly can’t be faked.

I believe...
  • I believe...

  • • Home baked bread in the morning is heaven

    • Hysterical laughter is always appropriate

    • Hand wrapped packages and love letters are an endangered art worth preserving

    • There’s no such thing as weeds. Only misunderstood wildflowers.

    • Unconventional dreamers make the world go round

    • And free-spirited couples live to tell the best stories to their grandchildren

You are...
  • You are...

  • You are: always up for an adventure. Long drives down winding country roads with your love by your side and the radio on full blast. Messy hair ain’t no thing, it just means your day was a success. You might not always know where you’ll end up, but you sure do love the journey.

    You are: campfires over crowded bars. Warm blankets and ice cold beer. Falling asleep to cricket wings by the hundreds, sending songs up to the stars.

    You are: in love with the beach. Full speed running into the waves, until the sweet silence fills your ears, coming up for laughter the way some might gasp for air.

    You are the ones who are changing the world with your love story.

    The modern-day romantics who found one another, and just like that, the entire Universe was ablaze. Like a giant flock of birds taking flight at the same time, or the last whisper of a day.

    You are the ones we need more of. And I am so happy you are here.


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