Amy + Peter | Boston Public Library Wedding

Amy and Peter’s origin story may just be one of my favorites. It was her Bday and her fun loving friends convinced her to celebrate in Vegas. Meanwhile, in LA, his friend arrived to visit and was all: VEGAS! Thankfully what happens in Vegas, this time, didn’t stay there!

Their connection was instantaneous. They chatted over cocktails for hours and ended up missing their flights. *sigh* When you know you know, folks. From there, they continued to fall in love from different geographical areas and eventually realized that this long distance thing was for the birds. 🙂

Their wedding day vision was so indicative of their personalities and how they carry themselves. It resonated a sort of “non-fussy elegance”. Like they’re the coolest people in the room and somehow make it effortless. Their color palette was black and white and minimalist all over which 100% complemented their intimate wedding at Boston Public Library. Keeping the decor simple really let the venue, couple, and emotions of the day shine like the stars they are.

The day started at the insanely decadent Fairmont Copley where Amy and her ladies prepared for the day. The mood was upbeat in a calm way. Mom munched on a colorful plate of fruits and veggies while getting her hair done. A bridesmaid crouched on the floor steaming wrinkles out of Amy’s dress. Bridesmaids opened their gifts of fans and heartfelt notes. Southern accents filled the air which is one of my favorite things ever. And once Amy was in her dress, Mom gave her a family heirloom that had us ALL in tears.

Another standout moment from this wedding happened during the Ceremony. Amy was a vision as she slowly made her way down one of the courtyard aisles and then paused. Peter (all smiles) walked over to meet her and they continued the walk, together, arm-in-arm. I know it’s a word that’s overused these days but seriously *SWOON*. As they reached the ceremony, the fountain went silent, and we all hung on every. single. word. They stuck letters to each other in a box with a bottle of wine, to be opened and enjoyed on a later anniversary. When it was time for their first married kiss, the fountain sprang back to life, and everyone cheered. Magic.

The reception was held in the Courtyard Restaurant at BPL which was the perfect space for this small but mighty group of people. Heartfelt speeches, lively conversations, and the most delicious food made the reception extraordinary. The gracious, happy couple made a point to greet every person there and thank them for coming. I have no doubt that the people lucky enough to be in their lives left their wedding feeling loved, appreciated, and with new treasured memories of witnessing two amazing souls join together in marriage. That’s what it’s all about. 🙂

Congratulations, Amy and Peter, and thank you so much for choosing SGP! Here are some of my favorites from your beautiful day!

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