Photographing kiddos is hard. That’s why I focus on weddings (because they’re wicked easy teeheehee).

Jokes aside, when you photograph children, make no mistake they are the B-O-S-S. They set the tone and you have to go with the flow. If you resist, you’ll create an uncomfortable experience for everyone and not many great photos to show for all your effort.

When this little dude arrived, he was not happy. A long car ride + suspender application does not a happy toddler make. And that’s A-OK. So what do you do when a little one is upset but you still have to get great photos of his cute face?

You make it into an adventure. A very well dressed one with perfect setting sun light and warm fall colors… but an adventure nonetheless!

As we chased each other around Wompatuck State Forest, we marvelled at ferns, took paths less-traveled, and ducked under “tunnels” (metal roadblocks) together. There was much laughter, tickles, day moon sightings and true blue quality family time to be had.

I don’t shoot families very often but when I do, this is what I strive for. A perfectly imperfect collection of moments that tell the story of what it means to be family. <3

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I absolutely love this post! this session is exactly what i strive for during family sessions– getting those perfectly candid moments while still being precious! thank you for sharing 🙂

These are beautiful! You definitely captured Happy life with a toddler.