Krystle + Ryan | Martha’s Vineyard Engagement Photos

What better way to plan an engagement session than to make an adventure out of it? When I approached Krystle + Ryan about the prospect of hopping a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, I had my fingers crossed so hard that they’d go for it. Luckily for me, they loved the idea and so we started planning our day trip together to the island!

For anyone with low key motion sickness tendencies, rest assured, the ferry was a breeeeeze. I was worried that the rocking motion would make me feel queasy but the boat is so big (+ we had calm waters), so it was smooth sailing there and back. When we first arrived on island, we beelined for the closest restaurant and that just so happened to be the iconic Black Dog Tavern. When Krystle agreed to go halfsies on our sandwiches so we could each have variety, I turned into the heart eyes emoji, pretty sure. Crab cake and Salmon BLT sammies are delicious btw!

Once our bellies were full, we headed to the Edgartown Lighthouse and began our trek around the island! We walked around, hit up the gingerbread houses, had beers at Bad Martha’s Brewery, and met some very interesting Uber drivers in the process. My favorite was the older man who picked us up in a Toyota Tacoma and counted out all the ways that having a truck on the island came in handy. Somehow we planned it perfectly so that we were headed back at sunset and it was simply beautiful! Martha’s Vineyard is such a perfect location for a day date and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to check it out. Next up, Nantucket?

Here are my favorites from this fun-loving jaunt around the island with two good natured, hilarious humans. <3